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Aluminum Wiring


Things you should know about aluminum wiring in houses. Aluminum is not as conductive as copper, gold, or silver. Aluminum has has a higher electrical resistance than these other metals and expands and contracts much easier than copper. As the “load” or amperage increases on the conductor, it expands. When the load decreases, the conductor…

Extension Cords


Extension cords should only be used as a temporary circuit “extension” for work or tool use and not to replace a shortage of electrical outlets. These cords were designed to help you with the use of tools such as a weed eater or power saw but not as a permanent wiring method.


Don’t wait for old wiring problems


Have a professional check your wiring to ensure it is safe or give proper advice on replacement.

Do you have Knob and Tube wiring? This type of wiring is not only old and inefficient but it poses a serious fire hazard and can be an accident just waiting to happen. The demand for current was much lower back in the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s when this wiring was nstalled. Todays electrical demands are 100 times what they were 50 years ago.