Home Power Generators

With so many home power generators on the market today, the task of buying one can be overwhelming. There are just too many to choose from. What price, model, size or manfacturer will best suit your needs? To help you make an educated decision, pleae review the following tips:

What is the first thing that I should consider?

Wattage Capacity – The first thing you need to ask yourself is how much electricity is needed to run your home. Generally, medium-sized homes between 1000-3000 square feet will need a generator that can supply 3000-5000 watts. This will be used for emergency home power backup.

But of course, no matter how big or small your home is, it depends on how many electrical devices you have in your home. To get a more definite figure on your energy consumption, you can try adding the total number and type of electrical devices that will require electricity at the same time. Typically, watt ratings are printed on the device. Take the sum of all the devices to get the wattage required from your generator.


How noisy is the unit? Since you will be using the electric generator at home, you do not want it to be loud. You would want it to function with minimal, if not zero noise so you can enjoy the comforts of your home without being disturbed by the sound of your generator.

Fuel Supply

Check the size of the tank so you can gauge how many hours of operating time it will give you. Also, check the fuel type the generatory runs on. There are diesel, gas, propane and natural gas options today.


If the generator isn’t light enough to carry by hand and will be moved, you can choose a home power generator that comes with wheels or a transport trailer.

Weather Protection

If you plan to position your home power generator near your windows, consider getting one with a protected control panel. The control panel of your generator must be protected from rain, dust, and other debris.


Be sure you have enough electrical outlets available to handle everything you need. Make sure that they are protected by a circuit breaker to prevent fire accidents from happening.

A.S. electric .inc Generator Services maintains a small fleet of portable generators for rent for customers requiring 7kW or less for $65 per day with discounted rates for extended rentals. For larger diesel powered trailer rentals, A.s electric inc Generator Services provides professional rental installations for customers requiring all of the following:

  • Temporary diesel trailer-mounted generator 25kVA or higher
  • Delivery of generator
  • Professional connection of generator to building’s power system

There is a $500 minimum charge on any diesel trailer generator rental.

If you have additional questions about buying your generator, speak to one of our consultants at AS Electric at 954-941-3625.