Extension Cords

Extension cords should only be used as a temporary circuit “extension” for work or tool use and not to replace a shortage of electrical outlets. These cords were designed to help you with the use of tools such as a weed eater or power saw but not as a permanent wiring method. The use of an extension cord can be a serious safety issue if not used properly. In fact, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and National Electrical Code (NEC) prohibit the use of cords in place of permanent wiring methods.
Generally, the wiring in the cord is smaller than the proper home or office wiring and is not capable of handling significant current. This overflow of current causes the cord to heat up and catch fire.

Extension cords are not concealed like proper wiring and are subject to physical damage. We’ve all thrown out a few extension cords because they get cut, ripped, or pinched. This means you are exposing yourself or loved ones to a potential shock or electrocution. 

Contact A.S. Electric to have additional outlets installed to ensure safety to you and your property.