Installing Ceiling Fans 101

Ceiling or paddle fans are relatively easy to install.

  • Make sure your outlet box is UL listed for ceiling fan support. 
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Example UL Certification Seal
  • Turn off all power to circuit you are installing the fan on. If you are not sure use a voltage tester or turn off power to all breakers servicing the room.
  • Turn off switch.
  • Open ceiling fan box and read all directions.
  • Follow all directions of manufacturer.
  • Attach green fan wire (Ground Wire) to bare house wire.
  • Attach white fan wire to white house wire.
  • Attach black fan wire to black house wire.
  • Slide canopy up, attach with screw provided.
  • Attach blades.
  • Turn on house power.
  • Turn on switch.

      Most fan manufacturers include small weights that are attached to the fan blades to help reduce any wobble related to balance issues during operation. Please follow the manufacturers instructions listed in the included manual for proper placement and installation.