Replacing/Installing a light fixture

Removing The Old Light Fixture

  • Turn off all power to room at circuit breaker. 
  • Turn off the light switch.
  • Remove old fixture: 
  • First Remove lamps (light bulbs)
  • Remove Lens or Glass Shades
  • Remove the canopy nut if present.
  • If not, remove the two screws holding the fixture to the fixture strap or outlet box.
  • Remove the wire connectors (wire nuts).

Installing The New Fixture

  • Unpack the box and verify you have all parts required. 
  • Read all directions thoroughly.
  • Assemble the frame or base.
  • Turn off the power at circuit breaker to the circuit where the lamp fixture will be installed.  Use voltage tester to confirm power is off. (Generally all electrical devices in room will be without power) 
  • Attach fixture strap, if available, to outlet box.
  • Attach wire nut connectors.
  • Attach fixture to box or strap with screws provided, or with canopy nut.
  • Install recommended lamps (light bulbs).
  • Install lens or glass shade.
  • Turn on breaker switch.
  • Turn on switch for light fixture.

    If you have any  questions or issues feel free to contact us!

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